VAT LOANS – Finance your tax bill

VAT loans to cover your tax bill from HMRC

VAT loans, what are they and how do they work?

VAT loans are specifically designed for helping with the short-term pain of an expected or large tax bill from HMRC.

Arranged as a type of short-term financing that allows businesses to pay their VAT bills on time. These loans are specifically designed to help businesses with their VAT obligations and are usually offered by specialist lenders.

A VAT loan typically covers the cost of a company’s VAT bill, plus any associated penalties and fees that may have accrued due to late payment. The loan is then repaid over an agreed-upon period of time, with interest.

You may still be waiting to get paid for recent sales that have generated the VAT bill in the first place and just need a temporary lending hand or you may just have something more pressing that needs to be paid for.

Whatever the reason, First Oak Capital has a panel of lenders who are ready to step in and help you, avoiding any late payment penalties or fees, whilst protecting the credit rating and cash flow of your company.


  • Fixed monthly payments that won’t go up
  • Fast to arrange and payout
  • Avoid late payment fees and penalties
  • Can be paid directly to HMRC
  • Keep current funding lines intact
  • Protect the credit rating of your business


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Once approved, funding can be provided in as little as 48 hours


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