Plant hire finance for construction equipment

Plant hire finance and leasing enables you to stock more

The plant hire industry provides heavy machinery and equipment to the construction industry on either a short-term or lease-hire basis. Since plant hire equipment and machinery tends to be expensive, companies usually finance or lease their purchases, allowing them to stock more units.

Plant hire & machinery financing options allow businesses to access the machinery they need without having to pay the full cost upfront. This allows you to spread the cost of the machinery over a longer period of time, while still being able to access the machinery your customers require to get the job done.


Finance new or used equipment

Rates from 3.5%

Borrow £10k – £500k

12 – 84 month terms

VAT deferral available

Finance and leasing options also provide plant hire companies with the opportunity to upgrade their equipment more frequently. By leasing equipment, companies can return the equipment at the end of the lease period and upgrade to newer, more advanced equipment. This allows them to stay competitive and offer their customers the most up-to-date equipment.

Using our extensive network of lenders, we can secure funding for any plant equipment your company needs, including excavators, dumpers, forklifts, and more. Additionally, we can provide funding for smaller equipment such as tool hire, generators, bowsers, access lifts, and welfare units.

At First Oak Capital we offer bespoke finance agreements, as well as a personalised service to customers looking to finance plant hire and machinery. If you want to grow your Plant Hire business, we can finance or refinance any equipment and machinery you need.

Plant hire financing for construction companies


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Plant hire finance for cherry pickers

Benefits of plant hire finance

  • Allows plant hire companies to acquire the necessary equipment and machinery without having to make a large upfront payment.
  • Offers more flexible repayment terms, enabling plant hire companies to choose a repayment schedule that suits their cash flow and budget.
  • Provides the opportunity to upgrade equipment more frequently by leasing, enabling companies to stay competitive and offer the most up-to-date equipment to customers.
  • Offers tax benefits for plant hire companies, such as claiming leasing payments as a tax-deductible expense.
  • It provides more predictable budgeting by having a fixed monthly payment, which can be especially beneficial for companies that are looking to expand
  • Can help to preserve cash flow and reduce the risk of financial difficulties
  • Can provide more financial stability by leasing equipment, companies can avoid the risk of owning equipment that becomes obsolete or loses value.
  • May have lower interest rates than traditional bank loans
  • Can be tailored to the specific needs of the plant hire company, such as financing for specific types of equipment or for a certain period of time.
  • Some finance providers can offer additional services such as maintenance, repairs, and insurance for the equipment, making the whole process more convenient for the plant hire company.
  • Companies who sell equipment can also access stocking loans to fund the inventory until sold.


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