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Asset finance is an extremely tax efficient way of making large capital purchases

Almost every business will come to the point where new large ticket assets such as vehicles, equipment or machinery are required in order to grow and to deliver a more efficient operation. This leads to increased profits which can be used to re-invest and expand.

If these assets are purchased using capital taken from your business, the effect on cash flow can hold other areas of your business back and be detrimental. So careful consideration is required and interest charges and fees should be compared to potential upsides and tax benefits.

Unlike cash you can benefit from tax relief on both capital & interest, on what is usually a depreciating asset that can often be quickly superseded by later technology.

Asset finance products from First Oak Capital allow firms to make large purchases which otherwise may be out of reach and can be offset against tax on profits.

There are two main types of asset finance which are leasing and hire purchase. Hire purchase allows you to take ownership of the asset once all the payments have been made and leasing is a form of rental.

The next question is whether to lease or buy assets?


Borrow £10k – £500k

Fixed Rates from 7.9%

Receive funds in as little as 48Hrs

Improve cashflow

Use for almost any reason

Leasing will give you access to new or used equipment by renting it for a fixed period, without ever owning the asset. At the end of the agreement you will be able to return the asset or continue to lease if required.

There are different types of lease which include equipment lease, finance lease and operating lease. Your First Oak Capital advisor will be happy to assist you with deciding which one is most suitable for your purchase and circumstances in conjunction with advice from your accountant.

VAT is spread over the term of the agreement instead of being paid in one lump at the beginning and can also be reclaimed. The remainder of the monthly payment can be offset against tax and is a fixed cost that can be reliably budgeted for over the lifetime of the agreement.

The finance provider does own the asset until it is paid for in full and if you fail to keep up the payments, the lender may repossess the asset.


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