Keep your business growing with a flexible revolving credit facility option

Arrange a revolving credit facility of up to £5million with First Oak

A revolving credit facility gives your business the flexibility to draw down working capital, pay it back and withdraw it again as required. You can use it to support growth, acquisitions, or to strengthen your working capital position.

This can be used as an alternative to invoice finance as it is usually secured against your accounts receivable. However higher limits can also be arranged if you hold significant stock or assets on your balance sheet that could also be leveraged.

Revolving credit facilities provide an alternative form of business funding to companies who need ongoing funds fairly regularly but without the pain and scrutiny of a traditional bank loan application.

This type of facility can also grow with your business, so that as your debtor book grows, so does the potential credit limit made available to you.

Revolving Credit Facility Benefits

  • Drawdown and repay as it suits you
  • Flexible enough to be used for any business need
  • Fills cash flow gaps when waiting for payment
  • Speed and ease of access
  • Only pay interest on the outstanding daily balance
  • Managing seasonal fluctuations
  • Supports growth


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Access Over 100 Lenders

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Funding Within 48 Hours

Once approved, funding can be provided in as little as 48 hours


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