Asset Finance

Vehicles, machinery or equipment. Lease, buy or even refinance assets you already own.

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Business Loans

Fast & flexible, allowing you to decide on how and when you use funding.

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Invoice Finance

Unlocks the working capital tied up in your debtor book. Only use and pay for when you need it.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Finance based on your current and predicted sales. Repaid as a small percentage of your credit card sales.

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Recovery Loan Scheme

Government back funding that can support a variety of different finance facilities

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Revolving Credit Facility

Draw down cash when you need it, return it when you’re done!

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Stocking Loans

Ideal for sellers of high ticket vehicles and machinery that absorb your cash flow

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VAT Loans

Short term help for any unexpected tax bill or emergency

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Vehicle Finance

Whether you want to lease or buy, company cars and vans can all be financed by First Oak Capital, even electric ones!

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