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Do You Need a Truck for Your Business?

Buying a truck outright can be expensive. Financing or leasing is a more tax-efficient way to spread the cost over time.

Welcome to the First Oak Capital Truck Finance Calculator, a dedicated tool designed to simplify your financing decisions for trucks. Whether you’re considering leasing or hire-purchase, our calculator helps you understand and plan your financial commitments effectively. It is important to realise that this is just a rough idea of payments and does not constitute an offer of finance

Lease or Hire Purchase: Understanding Your Options

When using our calculator, it’s important to consider the type of financing that suits your business needs:

  • Lease: If you’re thinking of leasing a truck, enter the pre-VAT price of the truck in the loan amount box. Remember, the monthly payments for a lease will attract VAT, which should be factored into your budget.
  • Hire Purchase: For a Hire Purchase agreement, note that the VAT on the truck will need to be paid upfront. Additionally, you might be required to pay a deposit, typically ranging from 10-20% of the purchase price.

Using the Truck Finance Calculator

Our calculator is designed for ease of use:

  • Choose Lease or Hire Purchase: Based on your preference, consider the VAT implications as described.
  • Enter the Loan Amount: Input the cost of the truck, accounting for VAT as necessary.
  • Select the Repayment Term: Decide how long you’ll spread the repayments.
  • Input Credit History: Choose from excellent, average, or poor.
  • Review Your Estimate: The calculator will provide a monthly repayment estimate based on your inputs.

Truck Finance Calculator

Here Is Your Finance Illustration

  • Monthly Payment :
  • Estimated Interest Rate : 5%
  • Total Amount Payable :

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*This interest rate is for illustrative purposes only, your interest rate may differ and will be confirmed during your application.

Credit score information

Excellent : This category is for companies with an outstanding credit rating. Your business will be profitable, well established, and have a consistent or growing turnover. With no missed payments.

Fair : This category is for companies with a decent credit rating. They have a history of making payments on time, with possibly a few missed or late payments in the past.

Poor : This category is for companies with a poor credit rating or who may have had financial difficulties in the past. This could include a County Court Judgments (CCJs) on their record.

truck finance repayments

How the Truck Finance Calculator Benefits Your Business

Using the Truck Finance Calculator, you can:

  • Estimate Monthly Payments: Get a quick calculation of your potential monthly outlay.
  • Plan Accurately: Use these estimates to plan your finances more effectively.
  • Understand the Impact of VAT: See how VAT applies to lease payments and upfront costs in Hire Purchase.
  • Save Time: Gain instant finance estimates without the need for lengthy consultations.

Benefits of Using Our Calculator

  • Tailored Estimates: Understand the financial impact of both leasing and hire purchase options.
  • User-Friendly Design: Easy to use, regardless of financial expertise.
  • Immediate Insights: Make informed decisions with instant calculations.
  • Clarification on VAT and Deposits: Clear understanding of additional costs associated with each finance type.

Conclusion and Next Steps

The First Oak Capital Truck Finance Calculator is a starting point in your finance journey. For a detailed and personalised quote, tailored to your specific circumstances, our team of experts is ready to assist. Contact us today to explore the most suitable finance options for your business, taking into account VAT, deposits, and your unique business requirements. Let us guide you through the process, ensuring your financial decisions are sound and beneficial.

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