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Commercial Vehicle Finance Calculator

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Welcome to our Commercial Vehicle Finance Calculator, a bespoke tool designed to streamline the financial planning for your company’s vehicle needs. In the fast-paced world of business, commercial vehicles – be they lorries, vans, or specialised utility vehicles – are indispensable assets. However, acquiring these vehicles often requires significant financial outlay. Our calculator is here to simplify this process, offering UK businesses a clear, concise way to estimate finance costs. Whether you are expanding your fleet or planning to acquire your first company vehicle, understanding your financial commitments is key. This tool empowers you to make informed decisions, balancing your operational requirements with financial viability.

Understanding the Difference Between Leasing and Hire Purchase

We recommend using our calculator after considering the type of financing your business needs.

  • Lease: Enter the vehicle’s pre-VAT price in the loan amount box if you plan to lease. It is important to note that lease payments will exclude VAT, which should be taken into account when budgeting.
  • Hire Purchase: The VAT on the vehicle must be paid upfront for a Hire Purchase agreement. You may also be required to pay a deposit, typically 10-20% of the purchase price.

How the Commercial Vehicle Finance Calculator Works

Using our Commercial Vehicle Finance Calculator is straightforward, yet it offers powerful insights into your potential financing options. Here’s how you can utilise this tool:

  • Enter the Loan Amount: Begin by inputting the total amount you’re considering borrowing for your commercial vehicle purchase. This could include a single vehicle or a fleet of vans, lorries, or specialised equipment.
  • Select the Repayment Term: Choose how long you plan to spread the repayments. Our calculator accommodates various term lengths to match your business’s financial strategy.
  • Indicate Your Credit History: Your credit rating can influence the terms and rates available to you. Select from options like excellent, good, average, or poor to reflect your credit status.

Once these details are entered, the calculator processes the information and provides an estimated monthly payment figure. This estimate is invaluable for budgeting, helping you understand how the finance might impact your business’s cash flow. It’s important to note that while this calculator offers a preliminary estimate, the final terms will be determined after a full application and credit assessment.

Commercial Vehicle Finance Calculator

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  • Monthly Payment :
  • Estimated Interest Rate : 5%
  • Total Amount Payable :

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*This interest rate is for illustrative purposes only, your interest rate may differ and will be confirmed during your application.

Credit score information

Excellent : This category is for companies with an outstanding credit rating. Your business will be profitable, well established, and have a consistent or growing turnover. With no missed payments.

Fair : This category is for companies with a decent credit rating. They have a history of making payments on time, with possibly a few missed or late payments in the past.

Poor : This category is for companies with a poor credit rating or who may have had financial difficulties in the past. This could include a County Court Judgments (CCJs) on their record.

Finance Calculator for Commercial Vehicles

Types of Commercial Vehicles and Financing Options

Our Commercial Vehicle Finance Calculator is designed for a broad spectrum of vehicles:

  • Lorries and HGVs: Ranging from heavy-duty haulage lorries to larger HGVs for substantial transport needs.
  • Vans and Pickup Trucks: Versatile for courier services, trades, or small business operations. Includes robust pickup trucks for varied terrains and tasks.
  • Specialised Vehicles: Encompassing refrigerated vans, utility vehicles, and other specialised types.

Various financing options are available:

  • Hire Purchase: Ideal for eventual ownership, spreading the cost over time.
  • Leasing: Suitable for fixed-term use with predictable payments.
  • Loans: Traditional unsecured finance options for purchasing vehicles outright.

Selecting the right vehicle type and finance option is crucial for aligning with your business needs.

Tips for Financial Planning and Vehicle Financing

To effectively use the Commercial Vehicle Finance Calculator and plan your vehicle finance, consider these tips:

  • Assess Your Business Needs: Evaluate the specific requirements for your commercial vehicles, considering factors like size, capacity, and usage.
  • Understand Total Costs: Factor in maintenance, insurance, and operational costs when planning your finances.
  • Consider Future Growth: Choose a vehicle and finance plan that aligns with your business’s growth trajectory.
  • Seek Expert Advice: While the calculator provides estimates, consulting with finance professionals can offer tailored advice for your unique situation.

Careful planning and consideration ensure your vehicle financing aligns with your business objectives and financial health.

Our Commercial Vehicle Finance Calculator is your first step in planning for vehicle acquisition. For a more comprehensive and personalised finance solution, contact First Oak Capital. Our experts are ready to guide you in choosing the best finance option for your business needs. Let us assist you in driving your business forward.

Commercial Vehicle Finance

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